​Original Dynamic Carbon Spring System


ENAPLE is a new posterior carbon spring for AFO and has the original three-layer structure.


It provides the smooth flexibility although ENAPLE is made of CFRP, and the property which changes its flexibility according to gait cycle.


There are no other ankle joints like ENAPLE which owns the high weight support and gait assist abilities.


Heel Strike - Mid Stance

ENAPLE can bend flexibly to the direction of planter flexion within a certain range because of its three-layer structure.

After ENAPLE exceeds the range, the high elasticity of CFRP accumulates the kinetic energy with planter flexion and it is changed to the power to shift the center of gravity forward. 


Heel Strike - Mid Stance​


Mid Stance

ENAPLE can support lower limbs firmly, as the high-quality CFRP is used for ENAPLE, so you can reliably load your weight on your affected foot.


In addition, it is not disturbed your forward body weight moving for the smooth flexibility caused by the three-layer structure. 


Mid Stance​


Mid Stance - Toe Off

CFRP exhibits the characteristic high elasticity by the three CFRP layers contacting each other when the three-layer structure bends to the direction to dorsiflextion and exceeds a certain range. This prevents knee collapse in late stance phase, so you can shift the center of gravity forward safety toward Toe-Off.

Moreover, it can be used as a support for Toe-Off because of the energy storage effect of CFRP.


Mid Stance - Toe Off​

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